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Beagle Sport Fishing Charters with Captain Bill Dillon
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Deepsea & Shark Fishing Charters in Atlantic Beach, Morehead City and Emerald Isle

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     Welcome to BEAGLE SPORTFISHING CHARTERS. If you're looking for a Morehead City fishing charter, Atlantic Beach fishing charter or an Emerald Isle fishing charter, you've come to the right place. The Morehead City area charter fishing offers the finest in offshore deep sea fishing. We specialize in offshore gulf stream charters. We will nearly always be at least 40 miles offshore and if you're going to ride that far on a fishing charter , you need a comfortable ride. A ride that will bring you home safely and comfortably if the weather changes for the worse. The 62ft BEAGLE was built and equipped to do just that. She can reach across a lot of seas other boats can't. The BEAGLE is powered by twin 735 hp diesel engines. Made in USA Detroits, proven to be the worlds most reliable engines by over half a century of production. The salon is one of the largest, with cold air and heat, refrig, tv and microwave with soft comfortable seating.

     Offshore charters will be fishing for tuna, dolphin., wahoo, billfish and other gulf stream species. We will be using the very best in light and heavy tackle. We use only the freshest bait available.

     Offshore charters will leave the dock, 520 Evans st., Morehead City waterfront, at 5:30 am and return at 4:30 to 5:00pm..Fish cleaning will be available on the dock and we can even have it prepared for your dinner at a local restaurant on the Morehead city waterfront.

     The 50 ft C-BEAGLE charterboat is a 30 year veteran of the Morehead City charter boat fishing fleet. She fishes inshore and offshore up to 40 miles like the Big Beagle. She features a full 50ft walk around fishing deck , providing plenty of room for the fisherman. She specializes in black bass, ] grouper,and snapper charters. She also trolls for dolphin and kings.. She is docked on the Morehead City waterfront right beside the 62ft BEAGLE.

     Both boats do inshore half day charters and three-quarter day charters, catching spanish, blues and kings.. Half day morning charters leave at 6:00am and return at 11:00am. Afternoon halfday charters start at 12:00pm or 1:00pm and are back at the dock in five hours. It makes for a great relaxing family or friends trip. We will be fishing 15 minutes after leaving the dock and will fish east up the pristine shackleford banks to cape lookout light house or to the west by Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle.

     We also offer fishing guide service for Core sound in our 24ft carolina skiff. Visit Drum inlet and the uninhabited Portsmouth Village, a ghost town. These charters leave from Harkers Island.

     Bring your favorite dog along and your favorite beverage, It's your day..

We don't just book fishing charters, We book adventures...See you soon, Capt. Bill

  Military Discount!  Week-Day Specials!  Call for Specials! 

N.C. Saltwater Fishing License Provided for the Day!

~ The Beagle ~

62' Custom Sport Fishing Charter Boat!

Twin Diesel power!

Fast, Comfortable Cruise!

Dry & Comfortable Ride!

Air Conditioned!

Satellite TV - Watch Your Favorite Shows even out on the water!

Longest Charter Boat

 and Softest Ride in the Morehead City / Atlantic Beach Charter Fleet!

Located on the Morehead City Waterfront, Beside The Sanitary Restaurant, 520 Evans St., Morehead City, N.C.

Fishing Charters serving the Atlantic Beach, Morehead City and Emerald Isle areas!

BEAGLE CHARTERS is now offering a 2nd boat specializing in bottom & shark fishing!

Troll on the way to bottom fishing grounds on the 50ft C-BEAGLE, formally the legendary C-OATS.

~ The C-Beagle ~

  She is docked at her original location on the Morehead City waterfont beside the famous SANITARY RESTAURANT.  If you are tired of those wet and wild rides offshore then  try our dry, stable and comfortable cruise. We offer full fishing access the entire length of the boat, not just the cockpit. On a full day we leave at 5:00 and return at 5:00. We also do half , three quarter days and both harbor and Cape Lookout tours.

Fish with Capt. Daryl Laxton
& The Mate

on The C-Beagle!

Both Boats Serving Morehead City, Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle N.C. ~ Fishing Big Rock Waters

5 minutes from Morehead City ~ 10 minutes from Emerald Isle ~ fishing the Big Rock


     The 62ft 'BEAGLE' is a custom Carolina sportfisherman charter boat, designed to go in all but the roughest conditions. She is a cedar strip vessel fastened with stainless fasteners glued with epoxy and covered with 1808 bidirectional cloth. Unlike plywood boats, cedar does not delaminate if salt water leaks in through one of the many fittings and fasteners. She was given a great degree of deadrise up front so she will cut the water, not fram it. She is 62ft long so she can reach from trough to trough on most seas. Length matters on the water. It pays off in a comfortable ride for you 40 miles out and if the wind changes, it helps to bring you 40 miles back home, safely and comfortably. It took me three years to finish her and she was floated on May 25th, 2004. On May 26th she went fishing and caught 35 large gaffer dolphin..

     The 'BEAGLE' is powered by twin 735 Detroit diesels. Proven to be the worlds most reliable engines by over half a century of continuous production. We should always have power to get home..

     Her salon is 16 ft long and loaded with soft comfortable seating for you to snooze in on th trip out. We have cold air and heat. A microwave, refrig, and tv. There is a shower available along with a clean sanitary restroom.

     She has one of the largest fishing cockpits around, sixteen feet.. We have one 130lb class Murray brothers fighting chair and two small ones. There is a large dolphin coffin located on her stern..Seating is also available on the bridge.

     I am spoiled and will never be happy operating another vessel. You will like her ride.


     The 50 ft C-BEAGLE is also a cedar strip boat.. She has been part of the Morehead City fishing charter fleet for 30 years, docked in the same slip. She is built of 5/4 juniper on frames of heart pine..She now has new glass on her hull, a new motor and is ready for the next thirty years..She features a full walk around deck, three bunk beds, two couches and a bath..Spartan, but practical.

      She is a very comfortable vessel and tends to bob like a cork in swells while bottom fishing, instead of rolling. She is a classic...

Let USCG Captain Bill Dillon Owner/Operator...

and " Port Jr." The Famous Fishing Beagle... Make your Fishing Trip Happen!

Captain Bill has been saltwater fishing around Atlantic Beach, Morehead City and Emerald Isle fishing grounds for many years.  He knows the best places to fish, the right times for the most productive fishing, and how to make a fishing trip enjoyable!

At Beagle Charters we book fishing adventures!

You are welcome to bring your dog!

We Also Book Fishing Charters for other boats!  Call Us and we will find a charter boat  thats Right For You!  Serving Morehead City NC, Atlantic Beachh North Carolina, Emerald Isle, fishing the Big Rock and our own secrete fishing spots!

About The Captain


Captain Bill Dillon is the owner-operator of Beagle Charters.  He started out as a mate on an offshore boat fishing the Big Rock in 1970 and has been at it ever since.


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Fishing Charters Serving Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, and Morehead City, N.C.

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Beagle's Sea Sick Remedy

As an added attraction, we feature our own special seasickness remedy guaranteed to work. Twenty-five years ago my grandmother gave me a jar of her special Pickled Okra to take out fishing. One of my friends became sea sick that day and I gave him a pod of her special okra.  Immediately he stopped complaining about his seasickness.  Yes, it really works!

Send check for $20.00 to Beagle Charters,  PO Box 216,  Harkers Island,  NC 28531

Price includes shipping.

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